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Montessori Children's Nursery infant and toddler program

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The Montessori Children’s Nursery is a program for children from 6 weeks to 3 years and works in conjunction with the Children’s Garden. Our program emphasizes continuity of care in which the goal is for your child to be with a committed teacher for three years. This quality of care is a hallmark of an authentic Montessori classroom and unique to our program. Other factors unique to a Montessori infant room are the freedom of movement and choice. Each child is encouraged to explore in a beautiful and orderly environment with materials carefully chosen for their educational purpose and sensory qualities.
As toddlers, they are encouraged to choose work and move freely about their prepared environment. A focus on mastering practical life skills enables them to gain a genuine sense of confidence in their ability to navigate the wider world. These values occur within a safe and supportive environment organized by experienced, Montessori trained teachers that are encouraged to remain with the child long term. We fully understand and appreciate the responsibility involved in caring for your infant and toddler. We take that trust seriously and will continually work to earn your confidence while showing your child loving kindness.

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